Donation support


Since the preparation and opening of the LCA Aviation Museum, the LCA Aviation Museum has received a lot of donations from various organizations and individuals. Thank you very much for your support and help! Have you, believe that the LCA Aviation Museum will get better and better! Let's pass on the aviation culture together, pull the seemingly indissoluble aviation culture to the ground, and enjoy the aviation style together!

Collection donation

Your donation will help enrich the collection system and cultural atmosphere of the LCA Aviation Museum. It will contribute to the academic and cultural development of the museum, so that the museum can better disseminate and popularize aviation professional scientific knowledge to the public. We will award you the LCA Aviation Museum collection certificate and ensure that your name is remembered on the museum's donation wall to thank you for your selfless contribution to the public education of the museum.

We need the following types of collection donations:

1) Historical context: important documents, pictures, video and audio data in the history of human aerospace;

2) Important additions: Professional objects (original or exquisite re-engraved articles) in aviation industry exhibited by rich museums;

3) Cultural expansion: aviation-related important peripheral/cultural products.

We will select according to the specific exhibition and academic needs of the museum. Once we have selected the collection, we will bear the cost of transportation to the collection of the donated collection (or appoint a commissioner to check the receipt), and ask you to fill in the confirmation 藏品赠与交接单.docx. LCA Aviation Museum promises that all collections will be properly preserved and utilized, and related collection files will be established.

Regardless, we are very grateful for your concern and support. If you are interested, please send an email (indicating "collectible donation") to:, provide a brief explanation, we will have someone to contact you.

Donate online

You can scan the QR code below to make donations online. Thank you!

Thank you for your care and support for the LCA Aviation Museum. We guarantee that your donations will be used for museum collections and for the services of the Catholic Church. With your consent, we will highlight your name at the end of the year. External display in the list.


Please complete the above form and send it by e-mail (title please specify: unpaid subsidy) to: LCAM_CD@163.COM

(Please mail the completed form to: LCAM_CD@163.COM)

Product customization

LCA Aviation Museum can accept product customization.

Advertising sponsorship

LCA Aviation Museum is the first comprehensive modern museum in the southwestern region of China to take aviation as its theme, combining aviation culture display, flight experience, and education and training. Since its establishment, it has continued to provide innovative services that have attracted a large number of Internet companies, interactive advertising, and aviation. Decision-makers and marketers, such as culture and education companies, have extremely strong cooperation values. In addition, LCA relies on its rich product line and new advertising cooperation model, and through the combination of different business lines, the brand and products are more friendly to the users.

Advertising Cooperation Discussion Contact Phone: 400-9950-315